Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka (Bengali: ঢাকা, pronounced: [ˈɖʱaka]; English /dɑːkə/, /dækə/; formerly spelled as Dacca[5]) is the capital city of Bangladesh. It is the principal city of Dhaka Division and Dhaka District. Dhaka is the most populous city in Bangladesh and the tenth-largest city in the world, with a metropolitan area of 12 million inhabitants. It is the centre of the Greater Dhaka conurbation. Standing on the east bank of the Buriganga River, Dhaka is the political, economic and cultural heart of Bangladesh. It is one of the major cities of South Asia.[6] Historically known as the City of Mosques, it is also nicknamed as the Rickshaw Capital of the World, with its daily traffic of over 500,000 cycle rickshaws.[7][8][9]

Under Mughal rule in the 17th century, the city was known as Jahangir Nagar (named after the erstwhile emperor Jahangir). It was the capital of Mughal Bengal and a centre of the worldwide muslin trade. The modern city, however, developed chiefly under British rule in the 19th-century. Between 1905 and 1911, it served as the capital of the short lived British province of Eastern Bengal and Assam. With the Partition of British India in 1947, the city became the administrative capital of East Pakistan, and in 1971, the capital of an independent Bangladesh.[10][11][12][13]



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