Dusseldorf Germany

Standing on a tributary of the mighty Rhine, Düsseldorf is the economic powerhouse of the region and one of the wealthiest cities in Germany.

The large number of banks and international head offices sited here means Düsseldorf is a very cosmopolitan city with around 100,000 foreigners - one in six of the total population. With prosperity has come patronage of the arts and fashion world, reflected in the ultra-trendy shopping street Konigsallee and the city's many galleries and art museums. Both the quantity and quality of dining options is also witness to how affluent and cosmopolitan the city is.

Most visitors focus on the Altstadt (Old Town), a warren of cobbled streets huddled by the river, where alongside vestiges of the past, there are over 200 popular bars, restaurants and nightspots. Uniquely in Germany, the Altstadt opens directly onto the Rhine, a recent initiative that has ‘reclaimed' the riverfront to the delight of locals and visitors.



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