Koh Rong

Koh Rong (Khmer: កោះរុង, also romanized as Kaôh Rōng or Kos Rong), is the second largest island of Cambodia. The word Rong might refer to an old term for cave or tunnel (រូង - roong in Khmer),[1] although some islanders say Rong refers to a historical person's name.

Located in Commune (Sangkat) No. 5, or Sangkat Koh Rong of Mittakpheap district in Sihanoukville Province about 25 kilometers off the coast in the Gulf of Thailand, the island has an area of approximately 78 km2 and 43 km of its entire coastline of 61 km are beaches.[2] Four village communities exist on the island: Koh Tuich, Doeum D'keuw, Prek Svay and Sok San.[3] In recent years the island has become home to an increasing but still moderate number of foreign-run guesthouses and bungalow resorts. As the island's South-Eastern tip around Koh Tuich Village is the point of arrival it has developed into the island's largest settlement center. in absence of even the most basic infrastructure, transport by boat is required to all settlements and holiday resorts, which are scattered all over the many beaches



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