Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Taoyuan, officially known as Taoyuan City (Chinese: 桃園市; pinyin: Táoyuán Shì; Wade–Giles: T'ao-yüan Shih; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Thô-hn̂g-chhī), is a city and the county seat of Taoyuan County in the northwestern part of the island of Taiwan. Taoyuan is the gateway of Taiwan: with the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in the vicinity, and is a 30-minute ride to the capital, Taipei. After the creation of New Taipei City on December 25, 2010, the city of Taoyuan became the most populous county-controlled city in Taiwan, surpassing Banqiao, the former seat of Taipei County and once the most populous county-controlled city since the late 1980s, this will again change when Taoyuan City is converted to a district of a new Taoyuan special municipality on December 25, 2014.



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