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Posted on: May 29th in Beautiful Places, Europe, Travel by Holly Daffurn. 
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10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Austria
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Most beautiful places to visit in Austria
When people think of Austria they probably think of something like the opening scene of The Sound of Music – Maria dancing in high green fields with bright skies and rolling countryside that will make you want to sing. As well as the fresh mountain air and idyllic scenery, the European country also is home to culturally sophisticated cities, quirky modern art galleries and breath-taking architecture. Austria is definitely a destination that should be on everyones travel list, here is my choice for ten of the most beautiful places to visit…
Vienna - places to visit in Austria
As Austria’s capital, Vienna is perhaps the city most associated with Austrian life, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. Vienna is buzzing with excitement – street theatre, ballets, operas, musicals, art galleries and shows make it a dynamic and lively city to visit. But this modern flavour doesn’t take anything away from the tradition that still resounds through this splendid city. There are several imperial palaces, some stunning museums that proudly overlook majestic squares and of course, the Hofburg, once the impressive home of the Habsburg rulers. This fusion of fast-paced modern living and serene historical architecture make Vienna a truly spectacular city.



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