Viseu Caramulo

Viseu (Portuguese pronunciation: [viˈzew]) is both a city (capital of Viseu District) and a municipality in the Dão-Lafões Subregion of Centro Region, Portugal. The municipality population in 2011 was 99,274,[1] in an area of 507.10 km².[2] The city proper had 47,250 inhabitants in 2001.[3] Viseu is the center of the Comunidade Intermunicipal Viseu Dão Lafões with 267,633 inhabitants.

Viseu has undergone a considerable economic growth, especially in the areas of telecommunications, industry, trade and education. Located in Portugal's northern-center the city is a crossroads linking the seaport of Aveiro in the Atlantic coast to Guarda near the Portuguese-Spanish border and then on to Salamanca, Spain. Coimbra, the regional seat of Centro Region, is about 80 km (50 mi) southwest. The city is noted on the arts scene due to the Grão Vasco Museum and the Teatro Viriato. Wine making (Dão wines) is an important activity in the region. In ancient Portuguese history, Viseu is noted as one of the major urban centers in the area where Viriathus, a legendary warrior and national hero, lived. With three higher education institutions within its limits, the city has played a role as a regional educational center. Its business community is among the largest of Portugal's interior countryside.



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