Holiday Spots

Sydney Harbour Bridge
 At the top, you’re afforded astounding views over the city, including the Opera House. The views are especially magical on the dawn and twilight climbs: watch the bustling metropolis come to life far below or wind down in the dusk.

Halong Bay, Vietnam
Vietnam’s biggest attraction has commercialised fast in recent years, but this waterworld of ghostly limestone crags, caves and floating villages – seemingly lifted from a watercolour – still has the power to enthral. Vietnam War-era sites on Cat Ba island add a less fairytale dimension.

Uluru, Australia
 At midday, rays spotlight Uluru’s every crag and crevice (best seen on the 10km round-rock Base Walk). Come dusk, old Ayers blazes orange – a last hurrah.

Auschwitz, Poland
Take Auschwitz: you don’t exactly enjoy walking through the corridors and scrubby wastes of the former concentration camp, but it will certainly make a lasting impression. The horror still echoes around the walls; the cabinets full of used toothbrushes, Zyklon B canisters and human hair send shivers down the spine.

Lake Titicaca, Peru
: Lake Titicaca’s two hub towns are Copacabana (Bolivia) and Puno (Peru) – the latter is busier. You can arrange homestays on the lake at either.

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