Prskalo Waterfall,Serbia

Prskalo Waterfall,Serbia
Prskalo is a unique waterfall situated in the Kucaj mountains of eastern Serbia. It is like a sculpture where someone has carved a channel to transport water to the very tip of it. The original geocache was put into a hole in the side of the waterfall, but due to the instability of the rocky structure it has probably fallen deeper and is not accessible. We have recently replaced the container, but this time we've put it some 20-30 metres further to the southeast, under a rock close to the trail leading to the top of the waterfall. You can access the plateau next to the waterfall by 4x4 vehicle, or the road in the valley below by any kind of vehicle. We recommend visiting the Kucaj mountains as the biggest continuous portion of uninhabited wilderness in Serbia, featuring very dynamic and picturesque scenery.

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