Almaty Lake

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Almaty (Kazakh: Алматы облысы, Almatı oblısı, الماتى وبلىسى; Russian: Алматинская область) is a region of Kazakhstan. Its capital is Taldykorgan, which has a population of 123,000. Population of the region: 1,807,894 (2009 Census results);[3] 1,557,269 (1999 Census results).[3]Geography[edit]
Almaty Region is the province which surrounds the city of Almaty. The province borders Kyrgyzstan and Xinjiang in the People's Republic of China. The province also touches three other Kazakh provinces: Jambyl Province to the west, Karagandy Province to the northwest and East Kazakhstan Province to the north. Almaty Province has an area of 224,000 square kilometres.

Much of the northwestern border of the province runs along Lake Balkhash, whose main affluent, the Ili River, is the most significant river of the province. In the province's northeast, it shares the four lakes of the Alakol Depression (Lakes Alakol, Sasykkol, Koshkarkol, and Zhalanashkol) with East Kazakhstan Province. Other lakes within the province include Bartogay Lake and Kapshagay lakes, Lake Issyk, Kaindy and Kolsai lakes.

The Trans-Ili Alatau branch of the Tian Shan Mountains extends from China and Kyrgyzstan into Almaty Province, along its southern border with Kyrgyzstan. Farther to the northeast, the Dzungarian Alatau runs along the province's border with China.

The Charyn Canyon is one of the region's famous scenic spots.
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