Mir Castle

Mir Castle unique monument of Belarusian architecture. It was included into the UNESCO List of World Heritage. It was erected at the end of 15th - early 16th centureby duke llinch. The castle was built in the Gothic style. Approximately in the middle of th 16th centure Mir Castle became the property of duke, Radziwill who finished the construction of the castle.
The Castle is a square building with the towers at its corners. One of Mir's towers was a go-through and had a drawbridge and iron lattice that could stop a sudden attack easily. The castle represented an unassailable fortification - its walls were protected by two rows of loop-holes and towers were adjusted to shooting from heavy guns. All towers of Mir Castle have the same shape, yet they are decorated differently, which add to the beauty of the castle. Later the Radzivilles built a three-storey palace in the Renaissance style along eastern and northern walls of the castle. Then the Italian garden was laid out to the north of the castle and on the southern side an artificial lake appeared.



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