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Nesvizh is an old city. Its documentation started back to the 1223. It was first the part of Grand Duchy of Lithuania but then moved hands until it became the administrative center of the Minsk Province when Polotsk and Gomel had given this honorary status. This city was badly damaged by the attack from the Swedish troops during the Great Northern War, but then rebuilt in 1720. In 1764-1768, this city was occupied by the Russian and thereafter, it underwent several territorial changes. Nesvizh is well known because of its Nesvizh Castle. This castle is one of the World Heritage Sites. It is the oldest settlements in Belarus. It is also the most famous place there. Many exhibitions, festivals, operas and choreographic events are held in this castle. These events attract thousands of visitors every year. Nesvizh castle is considered one of the most beautiful palaces in Belarmus because of its beautifully landscaped gardens.

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