Brest Fortress

Brest Fortress

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The Brest Fortress was the first place to be attacked by the Nazi invaders.Brest Fortress was built in 1833 - 1838, a mile west of the town of Brest. The citadel, which was the nucleusof the fortress, was situated on the island formed by the Western Bug River and branches of the Muhavets River. The 6.5 - foot thick brick wall of the cutadel served as a two-floored barrackes with five hundred casemates. Under the barrack were storehouses and a network of tunnels.Two gates, Holmskie and Brestskie, connected the citadel to a bridge over the Muhavets. The third gate, Terespolskie, opened onto a bridge over the Western Bug. The bridges lead to the artificial islands, where the outer fortifications, Kobrinskoye on the north, Terespolskoye on the west and Volynskoye on the south, were situated. The fortress was fenced by with a 32-foot high earth wall with casemates.

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